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One of the key unique features of our institution is the strict, well organized Purdah which is very well followed here within the guidelines of the Shariyah. Alhamdolilah, we take great pride in following the Purdah system such strictly. Even male teachers teach the students under Purdah from within a private cabin communicating through microphones and a loud speakers system and manual over head and digital projectors. The students can also ask questions through microphones etc. Males are not permitted in the female area. Females can not meet anyone that is a non-mehram.

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Daily Quran

Chapter AL-KAHF (THE CAVE), Verse 15
These, our nation have taken to themselves gods, other than Allah. Why do they not bring some clear authority regarding them! Who does greater evil than he who forges a lie against Allah?

Daily Hadith

Narrated: Sahl bin Abu Hathma
Abdullah bin Sahl and Muhaiyisa bin Masud bin Zaid went to Khaibar when it had a peace treaty (with the Muslims).